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Lillia Cho

Alex is implied to have a crush on Lillia since the beginning of the book, with them being the constant teasing of their friends. Lillia seemingly only views him as a friend much to Rennie's teasing. Lillia describes him as her best friend, but swears revenge on him with the help of Kat and Mary after she is convinced he is going after her sister, Nadia. Lillia, sabotages Alex's SUV and fills his sunscreen bottle with a cream that makes his skin peely and red. After the revenge, Alex confronts Lillia, demanding to know why she's being so heartless toward him lately. Lillia fires back with Alex, confronting him about her sister. Alex denies the relationship and explains what Nadia was doing in his bed that night and in his car. He explains that she is his "little sister". Lillia is shocked and forgives him. They start being friends again. At Homecoming, when Lillia is kissed by Reeve, he is seen shocked and hurt. In Fire with Fire, when Rennie intentionally gets everybody to come to a Halloween pregame instead of Fall Fest, Alex tells Lillia he will "do whatever she wants" and proceeds to help her at her house and Fall Fest. Later, Lillia and Alex go to Boston with their mothers and proceed to take a walk late at night. Alex attempts to kiss her but Lillia gets distracted by seeing the guy who raped her and immediately wants to go back. For Lillia's party Alex promises to pick up the pizzas but is disappointed when Reeve does it for her. He attempts to pay back Reeve but offends him and Alex says something that causes tension. It isn't until Lillia grabs Reeve's hand, them having started a somewhat relationship earlier, and Alex is obviously hurt. At Rennie's New Year's Eve Party, Alex is blindsided when Reeve and Lillia leave together after a confrontation with Lillia. In Burn For Burn, after Rennie's death, Alex talks to Reeve. He states while he is still pissed a him for going after Lillia, he is there for him. Later when Alex plays his songs for Kat, he admits his songs are about Lillia after Kat confronts him.