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Burn for burn


Kat is shown to have a 'devil-may-care' attitude. She is fiery, strong willed, and sassy. Her friend Rennie and her are on the outs and kat makes friends with two other girls one Mary who has a troubled past and one Lilla who is also on the outs with Rennie they form an alliance to get back at the people they hurt but it leaves them hurt instead. She has brown hair. And a strong appearance.


Mary has long blonde hair and pale skin, as well as downset eyes. She used to be heavy, but is now slim to the point Kat and Lillia worry about her eating habits, or lack of thereof. Kat and Lillia both say Mary is pretty, along with several junior boys who wanted to vote for her for Homecoming Queen.


Lillia Cho or Lilli (sometimes Lil') is one of the main characters of the Burn for Burn Trilogy. She was a student at Jar Island High School, and was one of the most popular students there. She was extremely close to Katherine DeBrassio and Rennie Holtz, and even after Kat and Rennie had a fight, Lillia and Rennie remained best friends. She is part of the cheerleading squad at the high school.

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